History of writing

On a Friday night in the Summer of 1985, I carried a heavy Tandy Model 4 computer into my living room and announced, “I am going to write a book.” From this rather naive statement, I began a journey to experiment and build my own unique writing style.  My hope was not to make a work of art, but I did not want to make most English teachers weep openly. My first action scenes were constructs of “Run Spot, run” complexity, and character dialog should have appeared in cartoon word bubbles.

Glacially, I did improve.

After 3 years, I had the attention of a literary agent and continued to write to complete 3 novels by 1991. In 1992, I wrote a novelette called Pessimistic Anticipation that formed the base of a novel called Comets of Omen.

The story of Comets of Omen was to describe a 5 year story arc, but instead it has had a 20 year arc of real life. Rather than put another birthday candle on the first 20,000 words, I believe that I am finally ready to push this old novel along to completion.