People and Places (# Chapter Introduced)

Earth – New Chicago

Thad Jaron (#1) – an employee of Tobr Commodities who struggles with severe and constant panic attacks.
Faction (#1) – an artificial intelligence within Thad Jaron that tries to keep Thad’s symptoms in check and guide him to do the boss’ will.
Darian Tobr (#2) – Owner of a technologically advanced commodities firm.  Desires the ability to see into the future for trading commodities.
Rezina (#2) – A GenAim (genetically-engineered) bodyguard for Tobr.  She is armed with blades on her hands and is fond of mirrorskin camouflage.  She is fascinated by Thad’s fearful reactions to her.
Argo Zet (#2) – The technical genius behind TobrNet and the technologies that created Faction and the AI that communicates with the Presser Visionary.

Earth Triad Fleet and Military

Admiral Kale (#2) – Supreme commander of the Triad fleet.  The flagship Redemption was his brainchild and most powerful fleet weapon.
Rose Xyla (#2) – Familiar and spokesperson for the Forshadowing society.  Visar – Head of the Forshadowing society that serves the Triad military with predictions of insurrection or major events, such as the discovery of a new planet.  The discovery of the Pressers has hurt Visar’s ability.
Cadet Leslie Deerborne (#3) – Daughter of Colonel Dr. Basil Deerborne, just starting her Triad career aboard the ship Augurio.
Captain Bell (#3) – Captain of the Augurio.
Geologist Hudson (#3) – Assigned to Augurio.  Expert in the impact of comet strikes on a planet’s surface.

Frobe’s World

First Presser Visionary (#1) – Leads a small group of Pressers to be captured by Tobr Commodities.


Fengor Ool (#1) – A warlord of the RootBroth tribe.  He is hired as a mercenary for Tobr Commodities.
Wrezona Ty (#3) – Shaman of the RootBroth tribe.  Spiritual leader who watches for omens based on the appearance and type of comets.
Leverette (#3) – RootBroth youth and servant for Wrezona Ty.
Telbred Im (#3) – Warrior who sacrifices himself to save his clan in a battle with BrambleStone.
Umbrat Pa (#3) – Shaman of the rival clan BrambleStone, intent on conquering RootBroth.
Korbec Oos (#3) – Warrior captain for Fengor Ool.
Emlel Len (#3) – Daughter of Wrezona Ty, mate of Korbec Oos.